Ohio STEM Learning Network

The Ohio STEM Leaning Network is an unprecedented collaborative aimed at building and connecting STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) teaching and learning capacity in regions across the State of Ohio. At its core, the OSLN is focused on student and teacher success, built from a slate of committed partners from Pre-K-12 education, higher education and business and industry. Designed from a systems engineering approach, the OSLN helps develop and connect a state-wide system of innovative STEM schools and Programs of Excellence, leveraging the ongoing work of regions across the state, along with a $12 million grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and an initial $2.8 million investment from Battelle. This is being done through a state-level public-private partnership that includes Battelle, Ohio Business Roundtable, Ohio Business Alliance for Higher Education and the Economy, Cleveland Foundation, and the Teaching Institute for Excellence in STEM (TIES). Locally, many partners across the state are involved in this work. The OSLN upholds three overarching objectives:

  • Enhancing STEM teaching and learning capacity that is closely aligned with state-level guiding principles as specified in Ohio Revised Code.
  • Accelerating existing and emerging STEM initiatives such as STEM start-up schools and related K-8 STEM Programs of Excellence.
  • Creating a network-based infrastructure that promotes and connects innovative, scalable and sustainable STEM initiatives.